Michael Kors Multifunction Saffiano Leather Zip-Top MacBook 13″ Tote

It’s sad, but true. I fell out of love.

I was really, really excited when I got this bag.  I bought it because I was starting a new consulting gig. The company was paying me a lot, and I wanted to look like I was worth it. 🙂 I had to tote my laptop in with me every day, and I wanted to keep it safe and sound. This bag was just the ticket.

I love Saffiano leather for its durability. It’s pretty scratch-proof, and I don’t worry about it getting a few raindrops on it. I also think this bag is beautifully designed–elegant and understated.

This bag does exactly what it’s supposed to do, which is to make you look good and keep your laptop safe (check and check). My fault with this bag is that it doesn’t do what I didn’t realize that I wanted it to do, which was to accommodate my lunch and a cardigan (and maybe a water bottle), along with its two primary functions.

In other words–my bad. Buyer’s error.

Theoretically, the ample dimensions of this bag should accommodate more than just a thin ultrabook. But realistically, that thick, beautiful Saffiano leather is stiff and unyielding. Great for durability. Bad for someone like me who wants to carry the kitchen sink with her. (Thank God for my Calvin Klein Saffiano Leather Satchel. I’d be lost without it.)

This bag features one outside slip pocket that’s perfect for a cell phone. On the inside, in addition to the center zipped, padded laptop compartment, there are several more pockets:

  • A large slip pocket on one side of the laptop compartment is the perfect size for a medium or large-sized tablet computer.
  • A large zip pocket on one wall of the bag will keep small items–such as keys, lip balm, maybe a bottle of Advil–secure.
  • Two more slip pockets on the same side as the zip pocket will accommodate pens, a phone charger, maybe a calculator (does anyone still use those?).
  • Another slip pocket–smaller than the one on the side of the laptop compartment–would fit a small tablet, a pad of paper, maybe a paperback book.

See, I told you–should be plenty of room, right? Yeah, it’s not the bag. It’s me.

The bottom of the bag is rigid and flat and features shiny gold-tone “feet,” which are designed to protect the bottom. Nevertheless, my bag (which truly has not been used all that much) has some scuffs along the perimeter of the bottom.

One thing I love about this bag is the chunky hardware that fastens the straps to the bag. I’m always worried about straps losing their stitches and falling apart. That’s not going to happen with this bag. In addition to its double handles, it also comes with a detachable cross-body strap.

I do have beef with the straps on this bag. It may be a personal thing. I feel like they are too thin and stiff to be comfortable. Not too thin to support the bag itself. (As I said, that chunky gold-tone hardware feels like it will hold up forever.)  But I’d much prefer some soft rolled-leather handles, like those on my Calvin Klein bag. Just more comfortable on your shoulder.

I must say that this bag seems sturdier and better made than other MK pieces I’ve owned. Before I got my Calvin Klein bag that I carry every day, I had a lovely, red MK purse. I was mad for it. However, after about four months, the stitching started to come apart, and I returned it to Macy’s. This laptop bag seems like a cut above.

Overall, I’d recommend this bag to any normal human who wants an elegant laptop bag and who can accept her bag for what it is, and not try to turn it into the designer equivalent of Mary Poppins’ carpet bag. Sadly, that normal human just ain’t me.


Material: Saffiano leather
Hardware: 14-karat light gold plated
Strap: Double 9″ drop handles
Closure: Top zip
Dimensions: 12″H x 14.5″W x 6″D.
Approximate price: $275